SCM Introduction

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  • Published: Thursday, 27 June 2019 05:57
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  • SCM has better but still limited write endurance (105 – 108 depending on technology), and address mapping / wear leveling is required
  • SCM needs to support SSD (block) mode and NVDIMM (memory) mode
  • Traditional table-based address mapping / wear leveling is no good for NVDIMM (memory) mode – no matter the table is in host or device side Interface development, e.g., NVMe.


Wolley Value Proposition

  • Innovative (patent approved 2018) SCM controller architectur
    • New wear leveling scheme that does not require a mapping table
    • Fundamental IP for NVDIMM using SCM
  • SPOR (Sudden Power Loss Recovery) without super-cap
    • Simplify hardware and FW design
    • Reduce system size and cost
  • Hardware based architecture offering superior performance
    • PCIe memory mode prototype in FPGA (125MHz) shows 10-16M IOPs; we project
    • ASIC performance to be over 30M IOPs for NVDIMM
    • NVMe SSD prototype in FPGA (125MHz) shows over 800K IOPs; we project ASIC performance to be over 1M IOPs


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