CXL Switch

  • Cutting-Edge CXL Switch Architecture

Our state-of-the-art CXL Switch Architecture is designed for full compliance, flexibility, and efficiency for your high-performance computing needs.

CXL Switch 2

  • Stackable Crossbar Architecture

Built on a stackable crossbar design, ensuring scalability to meet your evolving demands. With the ability to expand from 4 to 16 ports, each configurable with x4/x8/x16 lanes, you have the freedom to tailor the switch to your specific requirements.

  • Optimized CXL.mem Interface

The fine-tuned architecture is able to accommodate varying flit sizes and ensure efficient communication and low latency for memory-intensive tasks.

  • CXL IP Application Interface Compliance

Able to interface with versatile CXL IP application interfaces, including AXI, CXS, and CPI. Our adaptable switch architecture is a unified solution to ensure seamless integration with your existing switch interface design.

  • Dual-Mode Connectivity and Full Line Rate Performance

Handle high-performance memory traffic with up to 256 lanes, delivering an astonishing 2TB/s throughput that fulfills line rate requirements under different port configurations; while also supporting for efficient device management, offering you a holistic solution for your data center.

  • Configurable Firmware

Allow for dynamic port management and fabric manager commands and able to customize your switch behavior including port mapping for your unique workload.

  • Intelligent QoS Scheduling

Our smart scheduling capabilities can prioritize CXL requests and ensure Quality of Service (QoS) among different ports. The critical workloads can have promise of an efficient and responsive network.

  • Zero Backpressure

Eliminate bottlenecks with our innovative design that mitigates any internal backpressure. The design will keep data flowing smoothly and consistently and achieve the lowest port-to-port latency throughout your network.