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Wolley Inc, established in 2016, is a SCM controller ASIC technology company with headquarters in San Jose, CA and a R&D team in Hsinchu Taiwan.  Wolley team has world-class talent in SSD controller, firmware, ASIC/FPGA design, ECC, computer architecture and system software.  Wolley's CXL 3.0 controller core IP is certified by PCI-SIG and validated on Xilinx's FPGA platform.  Wolley demonstrated its first storage class memory (SCM) controller in FPGA in 2019 Flash Memory Summit, and is now working with platform partners on its CXL controller in FPGA.  Wolley also offers its controller IP licensing and SoC integration services to selected partners.





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San Jose, CA

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Email: info@wolleytech.com