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Wolley is a start-up company founded in 2016 by IC & memory design veterans in San Jose, CA and Hsinchu, Taiwan. Wolley team has a good talent in SSD controller, firmware, ASIC/FPGA design, ECC, computer architetcure and system software. The mission of Wolley is to enable a variety of system applications for the emerging storage class memory (SCM) such as phase change memory, RRAM, and 3D XPoint. In its first generation develpment, Wolley team has created a memory product of 64B access granularity with tens of million IOPS and an SSD prototyping with leading performance whcih is above 750K 4K IOPS for both read and write.





Technology & Applications


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Storage-class-memory Controller

Memory/Block Mode Product

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Memory Performance
Deliver extreme IOPs  similar to the working memory

Huge Capacity
Several hundred giga-byte to multiple tera-byte

Enterprise-grade Solution

Software Ready
Easy-to-use API




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