Design & Integration Services

Wolley established the CXL Design and Integration Services Group focusing on the ASIC and FPGA implementation for datacenter and AI/ML computational applications in 2023.  Based on its in-house developed and PCI-SIG 5.0 certified CXL controller IP core, the newly formed CXL Design and Integration Services Group offers a one-stop and end-to-end CXL (Compute Express Link) design and integration services, from architecture design, spec-in, circuit design, verification, firmware, to RTL.

By leveraging the end-to-end integration for CXL related ASIC or FPGA implementation services, customers can focus on exploring new architecture and system-level innovations enabled by CXL’s capabilities.  CXL allows customers to increase scalability, optimize data flow with switching and fabric capability, streamline peer-to-peer communications, and maximize resource sharing across multiple compute domains.  This also allows customers to bring unique solutions to enterprise or multi-tenant server platforms. 

To demonstrate its design and integration expertise, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a live demo of a 4-port CXL switch implemented on a Xilinx vu19p FPGA platform. This CXL switch will connect two hosts that are commercially available CXL 1.1 servers with a Wolley CXL 2.0 Multiple-Logic-Device (MLD) End-point device implemented on a Xilinx vu13p FPGA.