Firmware Engineer

job description:

Wolley is seeking candidates for a firmware design engineer position. You will join an experienced team designing next-generation memory and storage controllers. you will be responsible for firmware design, implementation, verification and customer support. You will be contributing in one or more of the following domains: PCIe/NVMe, CXL, NAND, eMMC, FTL. You will also involve part of design verification works and contribute to system architecture design.


  1. Familiar with embedded system programming/debugging in Linux development environment and C.
  2. Familiar with bare-metal programming
  3. Familiar with one of any real-time OS usage
  4. Familiar with any storage firmware design (e.g., address translation)
  5. Capable of working closely with HW design team (e.g., control specification discussion, hardware bug report)
  6. Capable of identifying performance bottleneck in terms of hardware and firmware